Chipstead Residents Association

The Chipstead Residents Association (CRA) has been an integral part of Chipstead village life for over half a century. The rural atmosphere enjoyed by the residents of Chipstead is due, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of the CRA who have fought long battles to head off inappropriate development, initiate traffic calming measures, promote a secure environment and preserve the character and the quality of life in the village over many decades.

CRA Rule BookThe CRA was formed in 1945 as a non-political and non-sectarian organisation, with the following objectives stated in the published Rule Book:

  • To secure the good and economical government of the district
  • To support the policy of the Green Belt, and in particular to promote the preservation and development of local rural beauty, including roads and footpaths, open spaces, trees, buildings, etc.
  • To watch all questions coming before the local authorities and other bodies affecting the district or the residents.
  • To consider the public services affecting the district or the residents, such as railways, police, education, power, etc, and take such action as may be thought necessary.
  • To consider the road safety in the district.
  • To meet from time to time as necessary to consider matters of concern to the Association.
  • To act generally in the interests of the inhabitants of the district.

The above rules provide the CRA with a unique mandate to represent villagers' views, made possible by virtue of the fact that the overwhelming majority of residents are members of the Association. The CRA is funded entirely by residents' annual subscriptions. 

Major developments on adjacent land can have a significant and permanent impact on the quality of life in the village, and one of the most important CRA activities has been a vigorous involvement in all major public enquires directly affecting the village. In this regard, it is essential that the CRA be truly representative of the aspirations of all Chipstead residents, and is in a position to submit evidence to enquiries that cannot be easily dismissed as minority interest. The CRA therefore strongly encourages all Chipstead residents to become members, and perhaps offer time and skills towards the committee's valuable work.