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This map shows the location of historically important property within the parish of Chipstead. Below is a key to the reference numbers on the map.

  1. Shabden Park in High Road (18th & 19th centuries). Now divided into individual dwellings.
  2. Shabden Cottages in High Road (19th century).
  3. Pirbright Manor in Hogscross Lane. A very ancient site (buildings 17th century and later). Now divided into individual dwellings.
  4. Noke Farm in Hogscross Road. . Original house probably demolished early 19th century. Original house built since as an estate cottage. Extensively redeveloped into individual dwellings.
  5. Court Lodge facing Church Green in Star Lane (17th century and later).
  6. Leyfields in Elmore Road. House is now divorced from farm (17th century).
  7. Starrock Farm. Another ancient site mentioned 13th century. Also Starrock Court (late 19th century).
  8. Hazelwood Farm between Doghurst & Hazelwood Lanes. A very ancient property, first mentioned in 13th century. Extensively redeveloped as Farm Close with additional dwellings.
  9. Doggetts Farm in Doghurst Lane. Demolished when Walpole Avenue laid out.
  10. Elmore in High Road. Elmore Pond Cottage represents original 18th century farm. Elmore House built after World War I to replace former house of 1866.
  11. Stagbury House in Outwood Lane (18th century). Demolished 1972 and replaced with town houses.
  12. Dean or Denehouse Farm in Outwood Lane (14th and 16th centuries). Now 'Rambler's Rest' Public House.
  13. Giant Rumbow Castle in Outwood Lane. For many years a Public House (16th century).
  14. Old School House in Outwood Lane (17th and early 19th centuries).
  15. Well Copse in Outwood Lane (19th century).
  16. Chiphouse Farm in Outwood Lane (now demolished and built over).
  17. Eyhurst off Outwood Lane. A very ancient site; the flint -faced farmhouse is probably 18th century. Eyhurst Court dates from 1900. Extensively re-developed as Surrey Downs golf course with additional properties.
  18. Pigeonhouse Farm in Chipstead Lane. (16th century and later). Now mixed usage.
  19. Well House Inn in Chipstead Lane, one of the two remaining public houses in the Parish (16th century and later).
  20. Mill and Millhouse in Monkswell Lane, Mugswell (late 17th, early 18th centuries).
  21. Langridge's Farm, opposite Mugswell Mill (now demolished).
  22. Juniper Cottage, Mugswell (next to Mission Hall). (18th century).
  23. Marlands Cottage in Green Lane, Mugswell.
  24. Text missing
  25. Orchard Cottage in Rectory Lane (16th and 17th centuries).
  26. Parsons Cottage in Fair Lane (17th century).
  27. Keepers in Fair Lane (19th century).
  28. Old Rectory in Rectory Lane (16th and 17th centuries).
  29. Lovelands Farm in Lovelands Lane (16th to 18th centuries).
  30. Moores Cottage in Babylon Lane (19th century).
  1. Mint House in High Road or Old Mint House (early 19th century).
  2. Gatwick Farm off High Road. A very ancient site, farmed at least since the 13th century. Extensively redeveloped into individual dwellings.
  3. April Cottage in Southerns Lane (17th Century).
  4. Bakehouse & Spider Cottages, formerly Bashford's (17th century).
  5. Deerings in Southerns Lane (17th century).
  6. Reeves Rest in High Road (early 19th century and later). Now divided into individual dwellings.
  7. Upper Gatton Park in High Road (18th century).
  8. Park Farm or Upper Gatton Park Farm in High Road. Still a working farm.
  9. Sopers Cottage in Markedge Lane. A property first mentioned late 13th century.
  10. Text missing
  11. Ruffetts Cottage in High Road (18th century and later). Also Sandpit Cottage (late 18th century).
  12. Shepherd's Lawn in High Road.
  13. Forge Cottage in Hogscross Road (19th century).
  14. Palmers or Searchlight Cottage, Vincents Green.
  15. How Green, How Lane. Site of old cottages demolished in World War II.
  16. Southerns Farm in Southerns Lane (late 18th century).
  17. Stoney Cottage in Hollymeoak Road (dated 1799 but probably later). Part of original hamlet of Hooley, including Hooley House & Farm, and Well & Yew Tree Cottages.
  18. Hooley Cottage and the Star Inn, Hooley (both 18th century). Both demolished for widening of the A23 Brighton Road).
  19. The Lodge or Chipstead Lodge, north of White Hart in Hazelwood Lane.
  20. 'White Hart' at junction of High Road and Hazelwood Lane. A public house since at least 1775.
  21. Longshaw in Hazelwood Lane (19th century). Now divided into apartments by CVPS.
  22. New Rectory in Elmore Road (1902).
  23. Fox Shaw in London Road, Merstham; former Fox Public House (17th century).
  1. Parson's Green
  2. Fair Green
  3. Church Green
  4. Starrock Green
  5. Vincent's Green
  6. How Green