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This is where we welcome your views on issues affecting Chipstead.  So if you would like to comment on a village news article, or bring an issue you feel strongly about to the attention of other residents, please write and let's get a debate going!

Resident's emails provide the CRA and CVPS with an important source of information on village opinion, so please write in to:

[email protected]

Has the CRA Lost Its Way? 15th Feb 2017

Having lived in the village some 12 years now, I feel the CRA has lost its way. Since the move to the Golf Club from the Peter Aubertin...

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Golf Club Development 15th Feb 2017

I for one would like to see the CRA stand up against the proposed Golf Club plans to build on the Green Belt. I was particularly annoye...

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Jenny Graves on Traffic Calming 13th Dec 2016

Hazelwood Lane resident Jenny Graves has written to the chairmen of both the CRA and CVPS expressing her views on property developmen...

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Cherish Chipstead Meeting 15th Apr 2016

Cherish Chipstead gave an impressive presentation last week at The Golf Club. Each member of the group explained their function and it ...

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Graham Murphy 1955 - 2015 13th Mar 2016

We are holding a memorial service for my brother, Graham Murphy, on Saturday 9th April 2016 from 2pm - 5pm at the Orchard at St Margare...

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Parking Problems at Chipstead Station 2nd Feb 2016

  I’ve just been reading the CRA article that suggests that the closure of Lion Green car park has moved commuter car parki...

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Proposed new southerly approach flightpath for Biggin Hill 2nd Feb 2016

In their February newsletter, the CRA highlighted the proposed change in flightpath to  Biggin Hill airport:  I wish to...

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Rats at Elmore Pond and the Recycling Bins 2nd Feb 2016

A number of residents have written to RBBC complaining about the rat infestation at Elmore Pond and the adjacent recycling bins. T...

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Dangerous Potholes 19th Nov 2015

I have contacted Surrey CC (Anita Shakeel) to complain about the state of the pavement alongside the Rugby Club and to report the ...

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Chipstead Firework Night 7th Nov 2015

Following a very wet bonfire/fireworks event on our Meads, and once again the destruction of our 'Village Green'  can th...

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