Chipstead Village


21/02243/ADV - Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead - Fascia signs for Serenity School use.

The application is a retrospective one for the 3 signs that have been erected on the boundary walls facing the road, one by one entrance and 2 either side of the second entrance. The signs are 29 inches/750mm tall x 47 inches/1200mm wide and in the company’s colours which are unfortunately for the setting, very bright colours on a bright blue background.

The points planning consider on signage applications are:

a. It does no harm to the character and appearance of the locality, taking account of overall impact, individually and cumulatively with existing advertisements.

b. Its size and design are appropriate and complement and enhance the appearance, character and vitality of an area.

c. it does not add unacceptable street/visual clutter.

d. It does not compromise highway or pedestrian safety.

e. It would not have an adverse impact on the character, features and appearance of the area.

f.  It would not harm the aural or visual amenity of occupiers of neighbouring residential properties.

This is a rural area where most properties have either a hedge to their frontage or vegetation in front of the boundary treatment.  The number, size and colours of the signs are inappropriate in this location and create an adverse visual impact.  People who live in the area might also add how it impacts them if they walk, cycle or drive past.

Deadline for comments is 11 September.

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