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22/02169/F The Orchard Garden Walk Hooley

Demolition of outbuildings and the erection of a detached 3-bed dwelling with accommodation within the roof space with formation of new vehicular access from Church Land and parking. Awaiting decision.

The proposal is to demolish the existing outbuildings and build a new dwelling to the rear of The Orchard.  The proposed development is for a 3-bed single storey dwelling with accommodation in the large roof space for the 3 bedrooms, ie. 2 storeys. The proposal also includes access onto Church Lane.  

The CRA has the following comments and objections:

(1)    It first should be noted that this site is in the Green Belt; an Area of Great Landscape Value and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  As infill garden development it also has to meet certain other criteria. The arguments in the application in support of infill development in the GB at first glance appear persuasive but when examined do not hold together.  This site is outside the village of Hooley, in a semi-rural environment and where there is no built form on this side of Church Lane that opens onto Church Lane.   There do not appear to be any special circumstances that support back garden infill development on this site in the Green Belt.  

(2)    Infill development should respect the locality and local distinctiveness and incorporate plot widths, front garden depths, building orientation and spacing between buildings in keeping with the prevailing layout in the locality. The plot division shown for the new development is unequal, with a much smaller plot for the infill dwelling; it is not in the same orientation as the dwellings on this side of Church Lane and it is not in keeping with existing dwellings on this side of Church Lane where there is no housing facing the road and is characterised by single dwellings in spacious plots. 

(3)    New development should provide an appropriate environment for future occupants whilst not adversely impacting upon the amenity of occupants of existing dwellings.  This revised application is inappropriate, overdevelopment of a back-garden site that does not reflect or complement the local area and will have an adverse impact on existing dwellings.  It is harmful to the visual amenity and character of the area as infill development is not characteristic of Church Lane. 

(4)    There are no other access drives to family homes on this side of Church Lane which is a narrow, one-way road.  Surrey Highways review of this application and its impact on highways safety is essential and does not appear on the website.

(5)    There are a number of mature trees on the site that should be taken into account in this development.  The Tree and Landscape Officers views should be sought.

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