Chipstead Village


Planning Notices and Comments

On this page you will find entries of planning notices where the CRA has chosen to comment. Click through to read details below.

Other Matters - Council consults on Dog controls in its parks and green spaces

Below is a copy of a media release from RBBC announcing consultation about changes to dog controls in the area. Consultation started on 29th August and runs to the 3rd October. There is a link to the survey to be completed.

23/01613/HH – Lamorna Lodge High Road Chipstead

Proposed additional storey with reduced footprint to existing bungalow, minor extension to front elevation, and replacement of existing conservatory with drawing room. Roof, fenestration and internal layout changes to suit proposal.

LBC - 23/02918 – 29 & 31 Hollymeoak Road Coulsdon

Demolition of existing dwellings; erection of a two-storey development with roof accommodation comprising 8 family dwellings; provision of new access; provision of 12 parking spaces, refuse and recycling stores, secure cycle parking and communal landscaped amenity space.

23/01075/LBC - West Ridge Walpole Avenue

Replacement of infill in the loggia with replacement glazing. Permission granted.

22/00378/S73 - former Hedgeside Walpole Avenue Chipstead

Construction of 2 new detached 2 storey properties with new site access and arboricultural works off Hazel Way. Variation of Condition 1 of Permission: 18/00213/F - Amendments to include the provision of two separate accesses from Hazel Way and alterations to the landscape scheme. Amended plans submitted 4 July 2022. Amended plans submitted 7/6/2023. Deadline for comments 3 July 2023.

Surrey Hills AONB boundary review

Consultation has been published on the suggested boundary changes. Deadline for comments 13 June. Following the end of the consultation if there are no fundamental objections which cannot be overcome, the next stage will be to draw up a draft Order for the change and to publish Notice of the Order as required by Section 83(2) of the CRoW Act to allow for a further consultation. Timescale for a final decision is hard to estimate at the current time but best estimate is probably late 2024.

Conservation area review

A review has been undertaken of the existing Conservation areas and at the potential for extending these areas and designating new ones that meet the criteria. The proposals will be consulted upon to establish the views of properties in the areas and any local bodies. Consultation began. Zoom meeting to be arranged in September with officers and Councillors so that residents can voice their concerns and comment upon the proposals. Details as yet to be announced.

LBC - 22/04337/FUL - 27 Woodfield Hill Coulsdon

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 4x4-bed terrace dwellings and 2x4-bed detached dwellings with associated car parking provision, cycle storage, refuse storage and landscaping. Permission granted.

22/01461/FUL – Wildwood and Green Linnets Outwood Lane Chipstead

Proposals are for 4 new 4 bed, semi-detached houses on the rear plot of land at the existing dwellings. Proposals will include a new driveway link from Outwood Lane up to the rear site and associated parking. The existing conservatory serving Green Linnets will be demolished. Ecology and Environmental reports submitted 20 June 2023. Awaiting decision.

LBC 22/00655/FUL - 25 Woodfield Hill Coulsdon

Demolition of a single dwelling and erection of 2 apartment blocks comprising 9 residential units of 1 x2 bed and 8 x 3 bed units with associated access alterations, car/cycle parking and landscaping works. UPDATE 31 JULY - Awaiting decision but an appeal has been lodged for non-determination within the time allowed. UPDATE MARCH 2023 - Appeal withdrawn. Awaiting decision.