Chipstead Village


Charitable Organisations

Chipstead is proud of the wide range of charities we support. A considerable amount of money is raised every year for the benefit of the community at large.

Mary Stephens Foundation

The Mary Stephens Foundation was established in 1765 to provide education for children in the Parish of Chipstead. Today it continues as a charity and provides financial assistance to students under the age of 25 living within the Parish, which includes Hooley and Netherne. Grants are available for the purchase of books, for school trips, for school uniforms and for assistance with the cost of going to University. The Governors meet 3 times a year to consider applications received. For more information and an application form please contact Mrs S Grover at

The Lord Marshall Settlement

This village charity  was established in 1923 when Lord Marshall of Shabden, Lady Tritton and various others resident in Chipstead joined forces and provided a house on the High Road for Nurse Smith, the District Nurse. Their initiative ensured that local residents received nursing care before the existence of the National Health Service. The property was sold when Nurse Smith died and the proceeds of sale were held in Trust with the purposes of providing 'for the nursing or relief of the sick and needy in the Parish of Chipstead and adjoining Parishes'. 

Today, the Trustees provide financial assistance, by way of grants, to enable sick and disadvantaged residents to remain in their own homes and to improve the quality of life of others within the community. Substantial grants have been awarded to purchase a special bed to facilitate the nursing of an incapacitated resident, a stair lift for another, towards the adaptation of a private residence for a resident requiring renal dialysis, towards the provision of access and toilet facilities for the disabled at the Peter Aubertin Hall. In addition the Trust has awarded numerous smaller grants for the purchase/rental of Lifeline telephone systems, a mattress, a computer for a disabled child, aids to assist in home nursing care, taxi fares for visits to hospitals and the occasional shopping trips for largely housebound persons. The grants are not means tested but the Trustees like to be satisfied of genuine need by either an individual or a community. The catchment area has until now included Chipstead, Hooley, Mugswell but the Trustees have more recently extended the area to include Netherne and Woodmansterne. APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS should be addressed to The Trustees of the Lord Marshall Settlement, c/o Elmore, High Road, Chipstead CR5 3SB.

NSPCC Chipstead

The NSPCC was first introduced in Chipstead in the 1950’s and has grown from small beginnings into a highly successful fund-raising concern. The Charity began with holding coffee mornings and house-to-house collections. There were some talented members of the committee who were good with a needle and before long they held ‘Bring and Buy’ coffee mornings. This then led to greater things with the famous Christmas Bazaar which raised a lot of money. The fundraisers worked very hard and were always on the look out for lovely materials going cheap or give away so that they could make the beautiful cushions and other items. On one occasion a committee member was up until 3.30am on the morning of the Bazaar stuffing the last of her cushions. And they all sold!

With new members joining the committee there were new events being organised to raise money including fashion shows, dinner dances, cookery and flower demonstration days, Easter food fairs as well as the committee producing a Cookbook that sold very quickly.

Now there are two Bridge days in the year, March and November which is extremely popular and sold out very quickly. The bridge players are given home made biscuits before the start of play. A light delicious lunch is served with a glass, or two, of wine and the bridge continues. The amount raised is usually around £1,600 but the important thing is that these days are enjoyable.

We also have a Summer Lunch in a local garden and again raise around £1,600 to which is very well attended.

Another event each December is going round the roads with the Coulsdon Rotary Float with someone being a Father Christmas. Many youngsters come and help and enjoy, knocking on doors and telling the children in the house to come out and see father Christmas. It is lovely to see the excitement on the children’s faces. In a matter of a few hours we collect around £500 which is something to be continued.

So over the years the NSPCC has been helped by adults and children. From the start in the 50s to end of the century the committee raised over £66,500 and seven years on from then have raised at least another £25,000.